Sunday, March 2, 2014

Colorado Winter fishing

Well I finally saw some blue wing olives for the first time today.  This signals the end of small tiny size 26's flies and will allow consistent fishing ,weather permitting.  As good as the South Platte fishes during this time, you may also wish to concentrate on the Ark below the dam and also hungry browns throughout the drainage.  What I love about the BWO's are the ability to fish this hatch below,subsurface, and on top appealing to all angler methods.  So get out and fish today.  Or give me a call for either a wade in trip or a float trip on my boat.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back from another awesome trip


Here is a synopsis of a couple days in Alaska:

Thursday I flew out of Denver. I flew Frontier direct and landed in Anchorage at 10 p.m. My buddy Kevin was there to scoop me from the airport and after a Kodiak nut brown ale and a little catching up with Kevin and family, it was time to go back to the airport to get the other guys. Jeff D. was delayed in Minnesota and had to hole up for the night but Warren and Scott flew in on Alaska airlines and touched down at 2 a.m. After caffeinating up with several Starbucks doubleshots we drove down to the cabin and prepared to do battle with the salmon on the Russian river. Got to the cabin at 5:30 a.m. Friday morning and drove to the river by 6:30 Friday morning.

Friday morning 7/29:
A beautiful day with temps in the upper 60's and clear skies. We landed on a few pods of reds (sockeye) at the Russian and limited out in a few hours. Warren and Scott got the hang of the Kenai flip and both caught lots of fish. I like this river because the fish keep moving up all morning. The secret is to get there early before the light is too bright. Brighter light means fish hide in strong currents or shoot up the river so fast you can't catch up with them. We parked at Pink salmon parking lot and walked down to the river and stayed in one area the whole time.

After a quick fillet session we drove back to the cabin to process our 9 fish. We ate a quick lunch, geared up the drift boat and launched at Sportsmans and floated to Jim's landing. The fishing was sparse for trout because the reds had not yet made it to the upper river yet but we managed to boat several fish. Along the way we had wildlife sightings of a brown bear, black bear, eagles, and a moose. What a great wildlife day. Jeff D. and Kevin were driving down to the cabin to meet us so around 8 p.m. we headed back to Kevin's cabin for a great dinner of barbeque ribs, twice baked potatos, salad, bread, and Alaskan ambers. Kevin's family was down as well so we visited with them and went to bed around midnight since we had been up for 40 hours already.....our motto for the rest of the trip was sleep when you are dead as we averaged 4-5 hours of sleep per night!!!

Saturday 7/30
Another early morning at the russian for a quick limit or Reds. We headed back to the cabin to vacuum seal and freeze the salmon. With all the anglers in Alaska now we headed down to Soldotna and launched 2 drift boats with 3 anglers in each. Scott,Warren, and myself in 1 and Jeff D.,Kevin,and Teddy in another. We caught fish immediately after putting in and after finding the magic fly,proceeded to catch lots of trout and dollies that day.

Warren was the first to hook a monster, behing some spawning kings. The fish surfaced three times before I saw that it was a huge trout with it's pronounced stripe. After a quick explosion the fish broke off to leave Warren shaking in his wading boots. These fish are big and hard charging so Warren got a little education on how to handle big fish. It didn't prove enough as he hooked 2 more in the 30" category without landing them. We ended up boating over 125 fish between the two boats...A banner day. The rest of the week was eventful and exciting with some injuries,mishaps,and almost missing our flight out but I will save those stories for another day.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best Guides on the Kenai

Hands down the very best guides on the Kenai river in my opinion is Fred and Stacy from Mystic waters. Floating with them is a pleasure with learning tips and instruction available at every turn. Fred just earned the prestigious "Master guide" status a few years ago and Stacy is as deserving. Clearly, I have floated with these guys several times. If you would like proof, think about this...I have my own boat on the Kenai and still want to float with them. As I go past them their clients are always landing the most fish on the river, PERIOD! Often times I feel like jumping into their boat to see what magic the are conjuring up to have such success. These guys are incredible. I host trips for friends and family members seeking the solitude and a chance at numbers of fish as well as size. I also plan trips for people as well and charge a nominal fee. I always try to book anglers on either Fred or Stacy's boat. It is that good. On a last referral for a good friend of mine he called me from the river to tell me he had caught over 3o fish before noon, landed a 31.5 inch rainbow and that was not his biggest hooked that day. He also told me (more than several times) the Stacy was the best guide he has ever been with... and he has been with a lot. If they are booked up during your dates consider changing your plans to find a slot that works for them, or maybe change your plans to a year later..., Seriously.
Look them up at:
You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Perfect salmon Stick

9 weight vs 10 weight

When it comes to salmon fishing in Alaska there is only one choice for me, a 10 weight. I have broken at least 8 9-weight fly rods in the last 14 years but since I have moved to 10 weights I haven't broke any. My favorite is the Orvis Hydros. As an Orvis endorsed guide it is true I get to try out new sticks and the price is pretty sweet but this one has it all. Lightweight,Beefy, and the perfect flex for throwing heavy flies and big weights. I normally tie on 30lb mirage tippet and use a system called slinkies for the weight. It is a perfect combination!
Do I get any kickback from Orvis-Nah I jus think this rod is pretty sweet!
Tip: Some fish learn to shy away from brightly colored flies....tie your bunny flies in "leafy" green or naturals.
Tight Lines

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planning a trip to Alaska

Planning a trip to Alaska?
How about finding the best guides on the Kenai? The best Halibut charter?
What if you are seeking great lodging, instead of tourist trap places? Good food?
Then welcome to my blog.
Here is tip #1
For Glacier viewing, try Whittier on the very fast 26 glacier tour. It is efficient and they always find calving somewhere. The secret is a dual Catamaran boat that cruises quickly through protected waters that Seward and Homer do not have. Since Whittier is all P.W.S. it is never too choppy to go out and the chance of getting sick is ZERO.

I have been to Alaska 30 + times over the last 13 years. I know the areas around Anchorage on the road system and most of it's secrets. Leave a comment and your email with any questions you have, I will try to help out.