Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planning a trip to Alaska

Planning a trip to Alaska?
How about finding the best guides on the Kenai? The best Halibut charter?
What if you are seeking great lodging, instead of tourist trap places? Good food?
Then welcome to my blog.
Here is tip #1
For Glacier viewing, try Whittier on the very fast 26 glacier tour. It is efficient and they always find calving somewhere. The secret is a dual Catamaran boat that cruises quickly through protected waters that Seward and Homer do not have. Since Whittier is all P.W.S. it is never too choppy to go out and the chance of getting sick is ZERO.

I have been to Alaska 30 + times over the last 13 years. I know the areas around Anchorage on the road system and most of it's secrets. Leave a comment and your email with any questions you have, I will try to help out.


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